104k Team Relay- Overview

Baton Runner and teams

For each segment, there will be an official Baton Runner and Baton Buddy.  There are also unlimited places for Support Runners on each segment. Each Baton Runner sets the pace for that segment – remembering it’s not a race!  Go at a pace that is comfortable for that group.  Consider that some segments will be in the hottest part of the day, adjust accordingly and take as many water breaks, or rest breaks as you like.


The course is made up of 20 segments.  Each segment has a map, and a course description to help you find your way.  Your segment might include some bonus challenges.  The location of this will appear in the map with A Support Crew will be at every handover point with ice blocks, water, first aid, live fb feeds and more.  Photos will be uploaded throughout the day and live feeds at every hand over so everyone can keep up with the action on the day.  If your segment included a bonus photo challenge, you can upload those photos either right at the time you do the challenge, or at the end of your segment. Plan to arrive at your starting point early, in case you have difficulty with parking. In most cases, the handover point will be in a park with water and toilets available.  The handover point will be near the amenities block.  Read the segment description for details.  Sometimes it might help to the read the description of the segment before yours to get an idea where the previous team will be coming from, so you can wait somewhere where they can see you

Live Updates

During the course of the day, upcoming teams can check-in on the event page to see how far the baton has gone so far.  Try and upload your handover photos promptly, so that we can get timely updates of the baton’s journey.  Feel free to take extra photos and upload those if you find a nice opportunity. Don’t miss the last segment! Plan to come down and join in as the Baton is brought to RJ home base at Underwood Park for drinks, food and celebration.

The Baton

The Banana Baton contains a timing device.  The first Baton Runner will start the timer, and the last will stop the timer.  All others can read the timer, but please don’t stop or pause it at any time. Try not to adjust the position of the timer on the outside of the baton, as it’s connected to a battery inside the baton. One end of the baton is heavier than the other (because of the battery).  It will be more comfortable to hold from the heavy end.


Runners will always be in pairs as a minimum and have contact details of the Support Crew.  We are not in a race, so if you need to cross a busy road, cross at lights rather than making risky crossings. Some segments will be in the hottest part of the day, so don’t forget sunscreen and water, although the course has lots of water available in drinking fountains in the many parks we will run through. Take as much time as you need to complete your segment, remember to have fun and enjoy the run.

Team Registration

Segment Registration

Segment Overview

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