At Runners Jam we believe running is a team sport.  We’re all about community.  The heart of Runners Jam is to build a community of people who love to run and support each other. 

The name – Runners Jam – was inspired by the ‘jams’ musicians have when they get together and just have fun.  At Runners Jam we do the same – whether it’s a speed session, trail run, long run, running event or a social event.  We mix age, ability, passions, pursuits and motivations.  Whether you’re a road runner, trail runner, adventure racer, triathlete, or an injured runner, you’ll find yourself surrounded by others willing to give it a go with you and support you in your goals. 

Runners Jam began with a small group of runners getting together twice a week at Underwood Park in Rochedale South.  Since then the Runners Jam community has grown and is made up of the most supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic runners you could meet.  We know all runners are amazing people but this group …. they are something special!  These runners continue to get together Tuesday and Thursday morning.  One thing is certain – whether you’re a regular who comes every week, a runner who pops in and out as life allows or a newbie – you are always welcome and  made to feel one of the team!

The local Runners Jam community is and always will be the beating heart and life of Runners Jam.  But as you know, life always equals growth and in the past years Runners Jam has grown in an exciting way.  

In 2020 the  Runners Jam podcast was launched.  We believe every person has a story to tell that will resonate with and inspire others.  The Runners Jam podcast shares great stories from ‘regular’ runners, with the occasional expert information session and elite runner thrown in.  We promise you’ll love it and be inspired.

Another exciting venture is the addition of Runners Jam merchandise.  Have a look and see what you love.  New designs will be added as inspiration hits!

If you’re in the area come and run with us at Underwood Park.  If that’s not doable we encourage you to take the Runners Jam spirit with you wherever you are.  Get together with  your running friends, support each others’ goals and celebrate this fantastic team sport by taking on new running challenges, mixing it up and having fun!


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