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Nutrition and Hydration for Racing with Andy Blow

In episode 18 we have the privilege of chatting with a leading expert in the field of racing hydration and nutrition, Andy Blow. Andy works with numerous elite athletes and is the founder of Precision Fuel and Hydration. If you’re wondering about carb loading, electrolytes, gels, carbs, impact of terrain…Andy has the info you need. This episode will guide you to a better race performance by giving you what you need to know to better manage your race nutrition and hydration. Keep listening to the end to hear the special discount for first orders from Precision Fuel and Hydration.

Physio Q&A with James Calligeros

In episode 17 we invited physiotherapist James Calligeros to answer your running questions.  It’s a jam-packed info session that will address all those questions you’ve been eager to have answered.  If you want to know whether to massage a muscle tear or if you should you make time for stretching we have the answers.  Can’t decide between the foam roller, trigger ball, or massage gun – now you’ll know!  What strength work should you do?  James gives his professional guidance for a time-poor athlete. This is the episode you’ll keep coming back to throughout your running journey.

Life happens!

Episode 16.Life happens! Thankfully, more often than not, we can keep running. Sometimes though, life happens in such a way that running is forced to grind to a halt. In this episode, we chat with runners who had to become ‘runners who don’t run’ for a period of time. They share their experiences, their struggles, the mental adjustments needed, and the process of getting back into running. The themes of having a flexible approach and staying connected to your running community come through each story. We hope this episode provides encouragement if life is currently happening for you. And if life is relatively smooth sailing I’m sure you’ll love getting to know Laurina Bowlen, Michaela Wilson, and Mel Perry.

A Backyard Ultra Story: Nearly the last one’s standing

Episode 15. Well, that was a long run! Their first Backyard Ultra, AKA a Last One Standing Endurance Race (or L.O.S.E.R.). The idea is simple: all competitors run one lap of a 6.706km course. If you don’t finish the lap within the hour, you get a DNF (did not finish). If you finish in less than an hour, you spend the time recovering, re-fueling and preparing for the next lap, which starts on the hour. You never know when the race will finish, as it continues as long as there are people wanting to compete. Once the second last person drops out with a DNF, the remaining runner has to do one more lap to get the victory; otherwise everyone has the DNF. Sounds a tad insane, right?

Compare the pair: 1st vs 18th marathon

In episode 14, we chat with first-time marathoner, Chris Horne and very experienced marathoner, Peter Jones. Chris started running while training to be a Kung Fu instructor.  Pete saw an advertisement in a newspaper, signed up and 18 marathons later is still running strong. It’s a great listen with interesting tales and lots of tips to help you in your running journey.  Belly laughs and bonus material guaranteed! 

The Queen and the Firefighter

In episode 13 we are joined by Runners Jam legend Kerri Biggins, aka The Queen, and firefighter and personal trainer Lia Drew.  Despite starting their running journeys from two completely different places, Lia and Kerri have formed a strong friendship and embrace the social side of running.  As well as stories from events such as the Great Ocean Road and Queens Town you’ll get some great tips on strength training to help reduce the risk of injuries. 

Get Some Fun in Your Run

In this episode 12 of the Runners Jam podcast, we chat with Runners Jammers and Underwood parkrun Event Directors Mark Morton and Stephen Parker.  These guys run for one reason – it’s fun!  There’s a lot in this episode – great friendship, rogue adventures, half marathons, marathons and ultras.  Everything is covered from tough moments of ‘unspeakable pain’ to the hilarious story of a race that included a bit of pole dancing!  This episode will make you laugh and give you a desire to add more fun to your run.  

P.S. Keep listening for some bonus material

Add the Adventure to Your Running

In episode 11,  we chat all things adventure racing with the director of Raid Adventures, Liam St Pierre.  Raid Adventure races are treasure hunts where you work in team to find as many check points as you can in a set period of time.  You’ll hear what it’s like to compete in various forms of adventure racing ranging from a shorter urban dash to the 8 day wilderness challenge.  We promise you’ll enjoy this episode and be keen to sign up to your first or next adventure race!

Running the long game: Running into your 70s

In episode 10 of the Runners Jam podcast we have a great conversation with two of our favourites from the Runners Jam community.  Margaret and Graham share their running journeys, which for both started when they were in their 60s.  Now in their 70s, they are out running/walking, cycling, swimming and going to the gym.  They live life to the full and share how good it is to be involved in the running community – both through parkrun and their local running group.  Their stories will encourage you it’s never too late to start running and you’re never too old to wear lycra! 

Train, train and train some more...

In this episode of the Runners Jam podcast, we chat with Mat and Jodie Egan.  They share their stories from how they started running to their achievements at the 2021 Sunshine Coast Marathon.  Their 2021 marathon training was extended and extended and extended again in a year that was filled with event cancellations and postponements.  Mat and Jodie share the emotions they rode, the impacts on their bodies and the incredible adaptability they showed when the weather on race day was less than desirable.  True to the spirit of runners, the love and gratitude for running shine through.  You’ll love their story and I guarantee you’ll think of them when you wake up on your next race day!

The Aussie Ultrarunner Dan Symonds

In this episode we chat with Australian ultrarunner Dan Symonds who grew up in country Queensland. The start of his running journey was running from bulls while working as a rodeo clown and pulling out of a 1500m race in high school because it was too long! After some years and adventures, Dan specialised in the 10k before unlocking and pursuing his passion for ultrarunning. Since then Dan has competed in 100k, 100 milers, 12k, and 24 hour races. He’s even run a 48-hour event in which he clocked up over 362km! His dream came true when he earned a spot on the team and represented Australia in the World Championships for ultrarunning in 2019. 

Running is a Team Sport - from 200m to half marathon

In this episode we chat with Rhiannon, who started her running journey with 200m and has now completed her first half marathon.  We also chat with seasoned half marathoner, Gill, who supported Rhiannon during training and the race. If you’re a new runner, this episode will inspire you to press on through the tough times that often happen at the start of a running journey to achieve your dreams.  If you’re a seasoned runner, your energy will be renewed as you remember the amazing journey of becoming a runner and be inspired to share the joy by supporting a friend in their journey. 


Two Mums and a Rogue Raid Adventure Race

In this episode we chat with Fiona and Vic about their experiences competing in a 24-hour multisport event known as the Rogue Raid.  In the Rogue Raid teams navigate their way through a course using a compass and a map to collect as many checkpoints as they like.  Teams trek, mountain bike and kayak their way through multiple stages.  It’s a challenge of strategy and perseverance as much as of fitness.  Have a listen – you may just find the new challenge you’ve been looking for! 


Triathlon 70.3 Two Rookies and a not-so-Rookie

In this episode we hear the adventures of three runners who made the transition to a 70.3 triathlon (aka half ironman). Kirstine Harper, Craig Crouch, and Sandi candidly share their experiences of taking on this new challenge. It’s a no holds barred episode – you’ll hear the good, bad, and the hilarious! Enjoy the listen!


5 Events in 2 Days - Warwick Pentathrun

In this episode, you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to run five events in two days. We’re joined by Carmen Uzarevic and Sharon Senini who recently ran all five events at the Warwick Pentathrun. We chat about their experiences over the weekend’s racing. This episode has it all – great info, fantastic stories, laughs and a dream sequence you won’t forget!

Life, Running and Injury

In this episode of the Runners Jam podcast we’re getting a man’s take on balancing home and work life with a love of running.  We chat with Alan Uzarevic, John Nguyen, and Alan Scanlon who are part of our running community here in Brisbane.  We also get a physiotherapist’s thoughts on injury and injury prevention from John.  

Abby Coleman Precision Hydration

In this episode, we’re talking all things sweat and hydration. We are joined by Abby Coleman who is the resident sports scientist with the Precision Hydration team in the UK. 15% discount off your first order of electrolytes from PH enter the code JAM15 at the checkout. 15% off the on-demand Science of Endurance Hydration course with TrainingPeaks University by entering the code PODCAST15.



RUNNERSJAM Trail Running

The very first Runners Jam episode.  There may not be an official intro with music, but there’s great stories from Jasmin and Karen who just completed the 30km and 60km (respectively) trail run in the Brisbane Trail Ultra (BTU) in October 2020.  These amazing ladies give us an insight into trail running and great tips to get you through your next trail event. 


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